When you have a business in Malawi, it is very important that you be in compliance with all local and national laws. If you do business with other countries, then you will need to be in compliance with international law as well.

Complying with all relevant laws can be complex, but not being compliant can be an expensive mistake. For these reasons, getting the assistance of experienced compliance attorneys is the best way to avoid legal trouble or having to pay costly penalties.


The compliance attorneys at Excellence Law Partners will thoroughly examine your business to determine if your operations and systems are in compliance with the law. We advise you on any changes you need to make now and help you set up systems that will keep you compliant in the future. We like to call this ‘Litigation-Proofing.”

We employ the latest technology for efficient and cost-effective services. We serve businesses throughout Blantyre City, Zomba City, Lilongwe City, and Mzuzu City from our Blantyre City office. Contact us if you need experienced legal help with all of your compliance issues.